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Personal Loans

Auto Loans and Recreational Loans

Perhaps there’s a new or used car you’ve had your eye on. Or a boat you can see yourself sailing away in. Or an RV to help you take to the open road. Or perhaps there are some debts you’ve simply wanted to put behind you. You can use a First Security personal/vehicle loan to put you where you’ve wanted to go-on the road, on the water, on the way to financial freedom.

Home Improvement Loan

Build your dream kitchen, add on that long-awaited master bedroom suite, turn the basement into a family room. A Home Improvement Loan from First Security lets you do some, or all, of that. You can even use part of your loan to improve things other than your home. First Security Bank’s Home Improvement Loan is a pre-approved variable or fixed interest rate loan secured by your home. The line of credit will have a maturity date of 10 years or less from date of agreement and can be accessed by a pre-printed book of personalized checks.

Real Estate Loans

Mortgage Loan

You’ve finally found the house you want to buy. First Security can help make it yours with quick approvals on a mortgage that best meets your financial situation. Our mortgage consultants will help you understand rates, terms, and refinancing as well as alternatives to traditional mortgages.

In addition, our mortgage consultant will help you select a mortgage you can afford based on your credit history, financial background, property you want to mortgage, and your income.

Loan Types:

  • Fixed-rate, long-term mortgages
  • Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs)
  • Jumbo/Super jumbo loans
  • Combination “piggyback” loans
  • New construction loans
  • Interest-only loans
  • Construction Loan: Building or renovating a home can be one of the most rewarding-and challenging-projects you’ll ever undertake That’s why it’s so important to choose the right construction mortgage partner. First Security Bank understands what you need in a financing solution and we deliver with our Construction Permanent Mortgage.

Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Loan

Your home holds the key to so many possibilities. Pay for your children’s education, improve your home, consolidate your debts, open your own business-no matter what your goal, it’s within reach when you use your home equity to obtain a fixed interest rate First Security Bank Home Equity Loan. A Home Equity Loan gives you the money you need in one lump sum, so it’s easy and convenient to take that big, important step towards making your dreams a reality.

Home Equity Line of Credit

When borrowing money becomes a necessity for meeting a financial goal or fulfilling a lifelong dream, it makes sense to turn your home equity into a line of credit. Home equity credit line interest rates are generally lower than those charged for personal loans or regular credit cards. It’s easy to apply for a First Security Bank Home Equity Line and easy to access-use it like a credit card and borrow as much or as little as you need on a revolving basis.

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